Author: Julie Parry

Just How Do Racso’s Teeth stay so brilliant white

As we mentioned in a previous blog, oral hygiene for your pet is as important as your own oral hygiene. Ideally this should be started when a puppy/kitten but it can be started at any time. So, what’s our secret to keeping Racso’s teeth and gums so healthy. Just look at them, he’s never had his teeth cleaned and they are brilliant white and the gums are very healthy to. So, besides his dry kibble that he has morning and evening, a few times a week he has a Whimzee 100% vegetable chew and he also has an antler....

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Great Oscar Service

Thank you Alan for looking after our pets so well. My Tubby Tabby is now a brighter young cat on her Turkey Lite and our older cat is happier on her senior cat food which is easier for her to chew and full of the nutrients she needs. After one of Alan’s special door step chats we now measure out our cats food into a cup each morning and feed them from there, rather than just putting a fistful in their bowls every time they looked at us with pleading eyes. This is important as our cats have become competitive over food,  they no longer eat just their own food and just when they are hungry. Thanks you Alan, for doing more than delivering great pet food and being a lovely person   Debbie from Cold...

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Racso’s Buster Maze

Contrary to popular belief dogs are scavengers not hunters, they will happily scavenge all day if allowed to. So if you just feed from a bowl, the experience of eating is over very quickly leaving them probably looking for something else to do. Racso now has a super duper buster maze, all we do is pop some of his Oscar kibble into the maze at meal-times and he has great fun working it all out to eat. He loves...

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It doesn’t matter what you feed me, I’m only a dog

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and believe it or not this also applies to our pets. Their nutritional needs are very complex, the results of a poor diet that is not nutritionally balanced are not always obvious straightway, but build up over time. Which means we are inadvertently exposing our pet’s to a whole host of illnesses & diseases. It then starts to cost us very dearly at the vets, but we just pay without a thought? We as dog owners, in the main want the best for our pet, they are part of...

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