Author: Julie Parry

Clean my teeth…I don’t think so

Have you ever tried to clean your cats teeth, well if your cat is like Lady Lulu then its impossible. Most of the time she is a quiet cat quite happy to sleep the day away. Try to get close to do anything like look in her mouth and boy she develops additional claws from nowhere, she can wriggle and squirm with the best of them. Pre Oscar days the vet mentioned that she was getting a build up of plaque on her teeth…ummmm But we then we bought the Oscar franchise and Lulu became an Oscar cat. Now the...

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Spring is coming…BUT..beware

Spring is on its way …After a long, wet and windy winter, the days are getting longer and lighter and warmer weather is hopefully on the horizon. We thought this was a good time to give some advice and guidance. Take garden plants for instance – Did you know that some are poisonous to cats and dogs?  For example daffodils, spring bulbs, tulips and aconite. If you have these in your garden & your pet is prone to eating all sorts, then placing a mesh fence around them will help to keep your dog or cat away. If you...

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Cat Feeding Tips

A few tips to make your cats life more comfortable Drinking Habits Some cats can be fussy about drinking water from the tap due to the chemicals used to keep the water clean. It’s best to leave a dish outside to collect rain water or to bottle tap water and allow it to stand for a few days before putting it into the cat’s dish. Cats prefer to eat and drink from a wide, shallow, dish so that their super sensitive whiskers do not make contact with the dish and they can hear clearly while eating. The OSCAR cat...

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Overweight Me?? – surely not

Are you literally killing your pet with kindness? Did you know that this is not only a problem with humans but a growing problem in the pet world as well? Research suggests that 8 out of 10 pet owners think their pet is the right weight. When asked which of a series of pictures most closely resembled their pet only 33% of dog owners & 23% of cat owners picked the ‘normal weight’ picture. Extra weight poses a very serious health issue, not to mention potentially expensive vet bills. Obese pets are more likely to suffer from joint problems,...

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