Have you ever tried to clean your cats teeth, well if your cat is like Lady Lulu then its impossible. Most of the time she is a quiet cat quite happy to sleep the day away. Try to get close to do anything like look in her mouth and boy she develops additional claws from nowhere, she can wriggle and squirm with the best of them. Pre Oscar days the vet mentioned that she was getting a build up of plaque on her teeth…ummmm

But we then we bought the Oscar franchise and Lulu became an Oscar cat. Now the vet remarks on how healthy her teeth and gums are…so how did we achieve the small miracle.

Well, we have a secret ingredient called ‘Stay Clean’  this helps to combat this problem and reduce dental disease in our feline friends, OSCAR have added this special ingredient to all of their Adult and Adult Care cat foods.

So what is this magic ingredient? 

Stay Clean is a specialised source of vitamin C which is added to the OSCAR kibble as a fine powder. This is activated when your cat breaks down the kibble in its mouth. The Stay Clean ingredient acts with the cat’s saliva to help remove tartar and plaque build up.

Studies have shown that Stay Clean helps to reduce the development of dental plaque and the formation of tartar.

Why is Stay Clean beneficial as a source of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to protect cells and tissues against damage from free radicals and are important for the normal function of the immune system too.

Plaque fact –

It has long been reported that around 70% of cats develop dental disease by the time they are three years old. Research in the USA suggests that figure is closer to 80%. A staggering statistic, that could be reduced by feeding Oscar cat food.

Did you know that you can feed the average cat on our human grade standard, complete & balanced dried food for as little as £1.99 per week….yes only £1.99 – bargain…all this and delivered free to the door.