As we mentioned in a previous blog, oral hygiene for your pet is as important as your own oral hygiene. Ideally this should be started when a puppy/kitten but it can be started at any time.

So, what’s our secret to keeping Racso’s teeth and gums so healthy. Just look at them, he’s never had his teeth cleaned and they are brilliant white and the gums are very healthy to. So, besides his dry kibble that he has morning and evening, a few times a week he has a Whimzee 100% vegetable chew and he also has an antler. This is of top quality, sourced from Scotland. The antler rubs against his teeth and gums when chewed, the friction causes the plaque to be removed, saliva is also generated which helps to loosen plaque, this is swallowed which helps the digestive system, so a win win all round.

The beauty of an antler? they are safe, they wear away and will not splinter, so will not cause damage to the dogs mouth, throat or inside. We would recommend that as soon as the antler becomes small enough to fit right into the mouth it is replaced with a new one.

Some dogs need to be encouraged to chew an antler, this is easily done by holding on to it and encouraging them to chew, it’s a chew they can come back to time and again, they don’t smell or mark the carpet.

Our antlers are 100% UK venison, 100& natural and great for helping to keep teeth clean – NEVER GIVE AN ANTLER TO A PUPPY UNTIL THEY HAVE A FULL SET OF ADULT TEETH.

  • Small (50g-100g) – £4.99
  • Medium (100g-175g) – £6.99
  • Large (175g-250g) – £8.99

To tackle a build-up of plague we recommend using a tooth gel in conjunction with the antler, just smear the gel around the teeth and the animal will do the rest with their tongue, spreading it around and getting into those difficult to reach places. This is not a quick solution and depending on the amount of plague build up it may take a while to show an improvement, regularity and consistency is the key. Doing this as suggested will help to avoid a costly trip to the vets for a risky teeth clean which would have to be done under a general anaesthetic.

  • Baephar Tooth Gel – £4.99

We deliver free to the door, if you have any questions or queries why not drop Racso an email and ask him at

Oscar have a great blog on how to introduce teeth cleaning to your dog. All of the products mentioned in the blog are available to buy direct from Oscar, if you live in our postcode area then we recommend ordering from us direct, that way you won’t have to pay a delivery charge.