Are you literally killing your pet with kindness?

Did you know that this is not only a problem with humans but a growing problem in the pet world as well? Research suggests that 8 out of 10 pet owners think their pet is the right weight. When asked which of a series of pictures most closely resembled their pet only 33% of dog owners & 23% of cat owners picked the ‘normal weight’ picture.

Extra weight poses a very serious health issue, not to mention potentially expensive vet bills. Obese pets are more likely to suffer from joint problems, heart/lung/liver/kidney problems. Their life expectancy will also be reduced. Is this what you really want for you beloved pet?

So why not make one of your new year’s resolutions to get your pet safely back into great shape. They’ll thank you for it and so will your bank balance

So where to start?

  • If your pet always appears to be looking for food, it could be stress related. As with humans eating could be a sign of stress in the animal.
  • Take a long hard, honest look at what your pet is eating through the day
  • Look at the ingredient label on their food, do you know what’s really in it and where it comes from?
  • For a dog feed twice a day
  • Find out what weight your pet should be and get them weighed. We here at Oscar offer a free weighing service to all our customers.
  • Check the food label and always weigh out the food based on the weight the animal should be, not what weight they are
  • Cut back on treats, if necessary reduce their in-take of food. But do this gradually over a period of time
  • Increase exercise, slowly. if dog is not used to lots of exercise then do this very gradually.
  • If you decide to take them for a run with you, stop and think are they used to this amount and type of exercise, if not then leave them at home and walk them separately. Imagine how you would cope suddenly being expected to run non stop for several mile if you’re not used to it?

Its easy to visually check the size of your pet:

  • Ribs, spine and hip bones should be easily felt
  • There should be a visible waist line with an abdominal tuck
  • Small amount of fat can be felt.
  • Cats should not have an over flabby underbelly

For more information or help to kick start a healthy eating regime why not give us a call.