Do you clean your own teeth every day, of course you do, but do you clean your pet’s teeth on a regular basis?

DID YOU KNOW lack of proper dental care can lead to more serious health problems?

DID YOU KNOW that proper dental care is one of the most overlooked area of pet health?

It’s just as important to look after your pet’s dental health as it is to look after your own.We clean our teeth daily to avoid nasty sometimes painful expensive trips to the dentist. We know when we are in pain and can do something about it, our pet’s on the other hand can’t tell us they are in pain. So this can be misunderstood and taken for bad behaviour, unexplained aggression, going off their food because it’s just too painful to eat & losing weight, when all they need is someone to take a look at their teeth and help them.

Poor dental health is completely avoidable, but sadly one of the most overlooked areas of pet health, 48% of operations are as a result of dental issues. More importantly we maybe exposing our pets to a host of other diseases, How, I hear you ask? Because the bad bacteria from the mouth can find its way into the blood stream and can cause heart, liver and kidney problems thus resulting in a pet that is suffering and also your pocket is suffering because of the numerous trips to the vet and ongoing treatments.

Would you like to know how easy it can be to look after your pet’s teeth and gums?

Good dental hygiene should start from puppy/kitten stage. But it can be started at any age, the worse the problem the longer it can take to resolve, but it is possible to avoid a costly trip to the vets to have them cleaned. If the teeth and gums are in poor condition it’s best to get them checked out by the vet before starting on a cleaning regime to ensure that no problems already exist.

We have had a lot of success in helping customers improve their pets dental health that is easy and very cost effective.

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